Monday, April 24, 2006

Hell's Kitchen

I was not very impressed by the Next Food Network Star? I found it boring and everyone got along so well that there was no drama, therefore making it like watching an episode of Friends. However, Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay is full of drama and chaos like a real kitchen. I am looking forward to the Season 2 premiere Monday June 12 on Fox at 9PM. I loved Season 1 it has fire and most of that comes from Gordon Ramsay's attitude and perfectionism ways. If some one is doing something wrong he is not shy to tell them that their plate looks like crap or their vegetables are overcooked and undersauced. Has anyone noticed that I never blogged about Celebrity Cooking Showdown on NBC the reason it sucked. Excuse my French, but it had to be one of the worst cooking reality shows in history. I heard it was cancelled after a week. I am glad it is not coming back the whole premise of a celebrity cooking was stupidity, since most don't even cook at all. For now, I am waiting for Hell's Kitchen.
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TLC said...

I was glad that Guy Fieri won, though. He seems to fit the network better. I can see him and Emeril and Alton and ok, even the pansy Bobby Flay going out for beers after work.

I didn't mind Food Network, and I liked the way they did the finale...there wasn't a WINNER LOSER type attitude. And I just really liked it. I am looking forward to Guy's show, Off The Hook...what's not to love? The guy is a bad ass.

Mama Mouse said...

I preferred Reggie ... but Guy was ok too. However ... I agree ... Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen is MUCH better! I loved it last year and was hoping there would be one this year. Glad to know that there WILL be one!

LunaStone said...

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Sláinte ~ Luna