Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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French Laundry in Napa Valley, California is on the list at number 4. I have heard that you have to make reservations months in advance to eat there. They also have a garden there to grow their own foods. I went to culinary school with someone who works there now and he not only cooks, but plants herbs and vegetables in the back of the restaurant. Talk about farm to table. Maybe one day I will eat there. I should put it on a list. You know how people make list of things they want to do during their lifetime. However, I think I would rather eat at number 18 Daniel in New York City, because than I could visit New York again and eat at a restaurant run by a top chef in the country. On the other hand, number 15 is Alain Ducasse-Plaza Athenee in Paris, France. That would be something to put on a list. Which restaurant would you want to eat?
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Ira said...

I want to eat at all of them