Saturday, May 27, 2006

Costa Maya, Mexico

Yesterday, we were in Costa Maya, Mexico and it was beautiful, sunny and a lot of fun. We went to the shops and than were called back to the cruise ship due to the coming storm. Very windy the boat rocked back and forth for like a day. We are on our way back to Tampa and our cruise will end tommorow at 9:30 AM. Than we are back at my brother Bill's house for a little over a day, before heading back to Seattle. I can't wait to post photos from the cruise. Stay tuned. Has anyone else been on a cruise? Comments are always loved.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yellow Submarine!

Yesterday my cousin Suzie, my Mom and I went on a Submarine trip 120 feet below sea level. We looked at Sea Turtles, Gigantic fish, Colorful fish, Coral, Lobsters, Reefs, Divers and a variety of Sea life. Quite beautiful actually. We left the cruise ship for Cozymel, Mexico, took a cab ride, followed by a boat ride until we reached the submarine. When we returned from the Submarine trip we went shopping and were overtaken by the extreme humidity and heat and decided to board the cruise ship. We then went to the Salon and had a Hot Stone Massage. I had never had one, but I highly recommend it if you get the chance. Today we are in Belize, but it is overcast and the weather is not sunny. I am hearing complaints from other passengers, but I think it will still be fun to see Belize. Good Day!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Miracle Cruise Ship!

Hi everyone! I am aboard the Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship! A little sea sick so far, but we will be in the Grand Cayman Islands by morning. I am attending my cousin's wedding in the chapel aboard the ship on Tuesday. Did a little gambling, watched a show and walked around the cruise ship last night. I have not been able to upload any photos yet, but I have taken some photographs. I met two people from flick onboard the cruise. We were contacts on flickr and now we met in person. That was really great. Having a good time. Post photos soon.