Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Growing Influence of Bloggers on Nightline!

Tonight I just finished watching Nightline and the show was on the growing influence of Bloggers on public opinion and officials. Dan Rather undercut reporting by bloggers and the exposing of whitehouse insiders. The question the show posed was, "New Rules or No Rules"! Media are taken seriously after a period of time. Bloggers are gadflys that type away in their pajamas was the thought of bloggers at first. The opinion is changing. Bloggers are fascinated by journalists and journalism. Only one third of the public knows what a blog is! Nightline crashes a blogging party and the participants while they type information into the blogosphere. Blogs keep busting into the news. Bloggers found out something wrong with Dan Rathers report on the news. Bloggers are keeping journalists honest. "Empowering the individual like no other technology before it." I liked in the show how they show two computers with the New York Times on one and a blog on the other the only difference is the blog is free to write, but a newspaper needs money for a printing press, advertising, health insurance etc. I do agree with the Nightline show tonight Blogging is powerful. I liked that they put a definition of what a blog is not just as a weblog. "Blog is short hand for weblog, online diary, frequently updated in reverse chronological order with links to other blogs." The show points out the reality that you need to see a blog for yourself and decide for yourself.