Saturday, February 05, 2005

life as i know it

Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are. I do not know who said that, but it is true. My three dogs follow me where ever I go, they do not care if I am cleaning out the garage they need to be there. That is how it is dogs are there for you. I have a cute pug named Cocoa that barks at dogs on TV and snores when she sleeps, but she is the sweetest dog on the planet. I have a mean dog, she is only a tiny dog, a pekinese named Baby, that rules the house and growls whenever she feels like it. She bit my Dad's hand over christmas vacation and he had to go to the hospital, because it became infected. Here we are at DisneyWorld where my brother works, so we get in for free, but we had to leave after a few hours to take my Dad to the Florida Hospital. They sent a bill for $4000 dollars, we were there like an hour and a half. Dad is fine now and is over on the Big Island in Hawaii. Oh, I need to mention my rock, my border collie, Zephyr, who is very smart of course. He can reach what he wants off counters and loves to drag stuff into the backyard to eat. He is very affectionate and loving and even though he is a male dog, he has become sort of a mother hen to the two little bitches. By the way I graduated from culinary school last year after two years of cooking and oh yes doing dishes. I am in business school now and will complete my business administration degree this year. Maybe I should go on the apprentice. Better yet when Martha Stewart it is out of prision I can go on her new reality show, sounds to me like a perfect fit. Probably not going to happen anytime soon.