Saturday, July 16, 2005

butterfly cupcake

butterfly cupcake
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My Dream is to own a Little Cupcake Shop like this one on the corner!

Little Cupcake Pics!
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"Meringue of My Dreams"

"Meringue of My Dreams"
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strindberg + cupcake

strindberg + cupcake
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Cupcake display for a Wedding!

The Cake!
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International Cupcakes

International Cupcakes!
Originally uploaded by louise_vuitton.
An elegant, rosette-topped assortment from lovely Dunn's bakery in London.

I am having trouble sleeping without the constant companionship of Cocoa

Hi Everyone. Cocoa is my very loved companion and she is in the hospital tonight with a spinal cord injury. I can not sleep without her home with me. I love her so much that words could not express how much love I have for my sweet darling Cocoa the Pug. I miss you Cocoa and I want you home soon.

Pappy and Cocoa are thoughts are with Cocoa and so are our prayers.

Pappy and Cocoa the Pug!
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Cocoa the Pug Please Pray for Her!

Cocoa the Pug Close Up
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Cocoa is in the hospital after being injured by my older larger dog Zephyr and she has a spinal cord injury. She is having trouble walking and needs to be hospitalized. Thank You.

Friday, July 15, 2005

WPSD Stairwell

WPSD take ii - stairwell
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Photograph from the school for the deaf. Interesting perspective photograph.

Red Lobster Restaurant with Jonathan, Dad and I!

Harry Potter Book Release Party!

Pappy and Jonathan at Red Lobster!

Great photo from aquanerds!

Originally uploaded by aquanerds.
I like the perspective, the color and the use of both the land and the water in the photograph.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Word of the Day for Thursday July 14, 2005

malfeasance \mal-FEE-zuhn(t)s\, noun:
Wrongdoing, misconduct, or misbehavior, especially by a public

But more often than not the same board members who were
removed by the chancellor for malfeasance subsequently
manage to get reelected in a political process that defies
any form of accountability.
--Diane Ravitch and Joseph Viteritti, [1]New Schools for a
New Century

Cagney family conjecture was that Grandpop Nelson, with the
temper of a dozen Furies, had likely committed some
malfeasance in his native town forcing him to change his
name when he left.
--John McCabe, [2]Cagney

Malfeasance is derived from Old French malfaisant, present
participle of malfaire, "to do evil," from Latin malefacere,
from male, "badly" + facere, "to do."

fire | ice

fire | ice
Originally uploaded by io2.
I like this fire on the left ice on the right.

Beautiful Green Leaves Against the Gray Grates.

sunning ourselves
Originally uploaded by Culinarynovice.
Originally uploaded by Culinarynovice one of my contacts on flickr.
Chef Tami

Yumcha: Dim Sum Neon Lights

Yumcha: Dim Sum Neon Lights
Originally uploaded by Saffron.
If you look carefully, you can see three happy food bloggers! Cool Sign.

Please come in!

Please come in!
Originally uploaded by Saffron.
Cool Sign!

Downtown Seattle!

Downtown Seattle
Originally uploaded by GourleyGirl.
I liked this photograph that originally uploaded by my friend Gourley Girl.
Chef Tami

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Space Needle!

Space Needle
Originally uploaded by GourleyGirl.
My friend GourleyGirl on Flickr took this photograph of the Seattle Space Needle and I really like the special affects look.

Word of the Day for Wednesday July 12, 2005

introspection \in-truh-SPEK-shuhn\, noun:
The act or process of self-examination; contemplation of one's
own thoughts and feelings; a looking inward.

Bill could be harshly self-critical, while Mac -- though
not oblivious of his mistakes -- had no time for
--Kai Bird, [1]The Color of Truth

Romanes acknowledged that to interpret an animal's thought
processes this way required a heavy dose of inference from
our own mental patterns, which we access through
--Stephen Budiansky, [2]If a Lion Could Talk

Religion absorbed Bailey, and following a period of intense
introspection, he began a long quest to become a
Congregationalist minister.
--Thomas G. Dyer, [3]Secret Yankees

Introspection derives from the past participle of Latin
introspicere, "to look inside," from intro-, "to the inside"
specere, "to look."

Gumball Machine!

Gumball Machine
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
Great Idea I found this on Cake Fun.

Ice Cream Topped Cupcakes!

Ice Cream Topped Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
BH&G Ice Cream Topped Cupcakes. These look so Yummy thanks for the Photo Cake Fun.

Food Network Cupcake Challenge

Food Network Cupcake Challenge
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
3rd place winner Norman Davis of the Food Network Cupcake Challenge held in Phoenix.

Food Network Sports Cake Challenge!

2nd place Mike of Mike's Amazing Cakes. Over 5' tall. Event was held in Phoenix, AZ and will air sometime in November.

Food Network Sports Cake Challenge!

This event was held in Phoenix when I was there for the World Pastry Forum. I love this cake and Colette Peters is an inspirational cake designer. 1st place and winner of $10,000 Colette Peters.

Food Network Cupcake Challenge

Food Network Cupcake Challenge
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
Giant Daisies. Event was held in Phoenix, AZ and will air sometime in November.

Food Network Cupcake Challenge

Food Network Cupcake Challenge
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
1st place and winner of $10,000. Event was held in Phoenix, AZ and will air sometime in November.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Periodic Table of Cupcakes!

Periodic Table of Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
I liked this idea a lot from the Carlow University ACS cupcake sale.

A Complex Napoleon!

A Complex Napoleon
Originally uploaded by Salmonmedia.
I noticed this giant Napoleon photograph and could not help, but post this on my Blog.

Word of the Day for Tuesday July 12, 2005

Today's Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster is "turophile" and the definition is "a connoisseur of cheese : a cheese fancier." This seems like a useful word, don't you think?

From an irregular formation of the Greek word for cheese, "tyros," plus the English "-phile," meaning "lover" (itself a descendant of the Greek "-philos," meaning "loving"), "turophile" first named cheese aficionados as early as 1938. It was in the 1950s, however, that the term really caught the attention of the American public, when Clifton Fadiman (writer, editor, and former radio host) [see bio on Wikipedia - DFS] introduced "turophile" to readers of his eloquent musings on the subject of cheese.

london sign, by wildfalcon

london sign, by wildfalcon
Originally uploaded by Salmonmedia.
I liked this sign from a restaurant in covent gardens.

A Vast Cake- Grandpa Al Rejoices

I found this photo on Flickr and found it so funny. Grandpa Al looks so happy when he looks at his tall layered cake.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Homemade pickles!

Homemade pickles
Originally uploaded by melissa nicole.
I liked the idea of using salt cellars to display these bread and butter pickles. Beautiful plating idea.

World Pastry Forum Sugar Showpiece!

Breathtaking Sugar Showpiece.

Island Cupcakes!

Island Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
More beautiful cupcakes this time from Cake Fun on Flickr called Island Cupcakes! They're a spin-off of Survivor Island. The rocks are edible and taste like M&Ms. I think that they look, so neat.

Chinese To Go Box

Chinese To Go Box
Originally uploaded by Cake Fun.
4 layer white cake with buttercream filling covered in fondant. I found this cake on flickr at Cake Fun and found it to be quite clever.


Originally uploaded by kutters.
I like this angel kutter, it would be nice for Christmas Cookies!

Devil's food cupcake w/vanilla frosting!

I found this photograph on flickr at my friend flourgirl's site. I Love Cupcakes!

Word of the Day for Monday July 11, 2005

temerarious \tem-uh-RAIR-ee-uhs\, adjective:
Recklessly or presumptuously daring; rash.

Becket's slayers insist that the king had indeed authorized
or directed murder, an interpretation fortified by Henry's
known enmity toward the temerarious priest for protesting
the subordination of ecclesiastical to secular authority.
--Bruce Fein, "Free speech or call to violence?"
[1]Washington Times, April 10, 2001

I have confessed myself a temerarious theologian, and in
that passage from boyhood to manhood I ranged widely in my
search for some permanently satisfying Truth.
--H. G. Wells, [2]The New Machiavelli

Temerarious comes from Latin temerarius, "rash," from temere,
"rashly, heedlessly."


Originally uploaded by djune.
My heart goes out to the lives that were lost in the London terrorism attacks. England is a beautiful country and I feel proud to have spent time there. The world is a scary place, but I am glad to see that London has resumed their daily activities. My prayers are with all the families that lost loved ones and the people that were hurt I hope have a speedy recovery.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Word of the Day for Sunday July 10, 2005

potable \POH-tuh-buhl\, adjective:
Fit to drink; suitable for drinking; drinkable.

A potable liquid; a beverage, especially an alcoholic

If you drink from the spring, which is shaded by a fig
tree, you will supposedly feel younger and more loving.
Unfortunately, you may also feel sick: the government warns
that the water is not potable.
--Gene Burns, "The Stuff of Myths," [1]The Atlantic,
September 1999

The park has no showers or potable drinking water--we
picked up bottled water in Kaunakakai.
--Christopher Cottrell, "Molokai's Big Empty," [2]Los
Angeles Times, March 11, 2001

He indicates the places for peculiar edibles, and exquisite
--Isaac D'Israeli, Curiosities of Literature

Also from California, some other off-the-beaten-path
potables: the 1994 Gallo-Sonoma "Barrelli Creek" Valdiguie
and the 1995 Pellegrini Carignane.
--Michael Lonsford, "Potables will suit penny-pinching
buyers," [3]Houston Chronicle, November 20, 1997

Potable comes from Late Latin potabilis, from Latin potare,
"to drink."