Sunday, July 10, 2005

Word of the Day for Sunday July 10, 2005

potable \POH-tuh-buhl\, adjective:
Fit to drink; suitable for drinking; drinkable.

A potable liquid; a beverage, especially an alcoholic

If you drink from the spring, which is shaded by a fig
tree, you will supposedly feel younger and more loving.
Unfortunately, you may also feel sick: the government warns
that the water is not potable.
--Gene Burns, "The Stuff of Myths," [1]The Atlantic,
September 1999

The park has no showers or potable drinking water--we
picked up bottled water in Kaunakakai.
--Christopher Cottrell, "Molokai's Big Empty," [2]Los
Angeles Times, March 11, 2001

He indicates the places for peculiar edibles, and exquisite
--Isaac D'Israeli, Curiosities of Literature

Also from California, some other off-the-beaten-path
potables: the 1994 Gallo-Sonoma "Barrelli Creek" Valdiguie
and the 1995 Pellegrini Carignane.
--Michael Lonsford, "Potables will suit penny-pinching
buyers," [3]Houston Chronicle, November 20, 1997

Potable comes from Late Latin potabilis, from Latin potare,
"to drink."

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