Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yellow Submarine!

Yesterday my cousin Suzie, my Mom and I went on a Submarine trip 120 feet below sea level. We looked at Sea Turtles, Gigantic fish, Colorful fish, Coral, Lobsters, Reefs, Divers and a variety of Sea life. Quite beautiful actually. We left the cruise ship for Cozymel, Mexico, took a cab ride, followed by a boat ride until we reached the submarine. When we returned from the Submarine trip we went shopping and were overtaken by the extreme humidity and heat and decided to board the cruise ship. We then went to the Salon and had a Hot Stone Massage. I had never had one, but I highly recommend it if you get the chance. Today we are in Belize, but it is overcast and the weather is not sunny. I am hearing complaints from other passengers, but I think it will still be fun to see Belize. Good Day!


Cate said...

We were in Cozumel in February -- they were still recovering from Hurricane damage then. Costa Maya was like night and day. We were supposed to stop in Grand Cayman, but the swells were too high. We've only cruised with RCCL - how is Carnival? Love the towel art - our son's favorite part of cruising, next to room service!

Tami said...

I liked it on Carnival, I would like to take another cruise someday in Europe. The hurricane damage was apparent and they were rebuillding. I just shot my photos around that. I loved spending time with my mom and some of my other family members onboard. I had two hot stone massages and they were fabulous.