Saturday, May 27, 2006

Costa Maya, Mexico

Yesterday, we were in Costa Maya, Mexico and it was beautiful, sunny and a lot of fun. We went to the shops and than were called back to the cruise ship due to the coming storm. Very windy the boat rocked back and forth for like a day. We are on our way back to Tampa and our cruise will end tommorow at 9:30 AM. Than we are back at my brother Bill's house for a little over a day, before heading back to Seattle. I can't wait to post photos from the cruise. Stay tuned. Has anyone else been on a cruise? Comments are always loved.


TW said...

How was the food on the cruise? Did you approve?

Geggie said...

Yes, I'd be interested to know what you, as a chef, thought of the food. What cruise line were you on? I've taken three cruises...2 to Alaska on NCL (Norweigan) and 1 10-day cruise of New England and Canada on HAL (Holland America). I thought HAL had better food, but neither of them was astounding. The sheer volume, yes, was amazing, but the food itself, not so much.

Tami said...

This was my first cruise, so I have little to compare the food too. My father and mother went on cruises in the past and they had loved the food. My Mom was on this cruise and felt the food was not as good as past cruises, but liked the smaller portions. I thought the food in the dining room for dinner was much better than the buffet dining. The food had a lovely presentation and tasted good. Most of the meals we had were at the buffet. You wait in line and there is pizza, hamburgers, chicken, fish, fruit etc. Nothing stood out as spectacular, but the amount of food mass produced was impressive. I did not care for the desserts at the buffet they need to work on that. The desserts in the dining room were very good. I hear the European cruises are smaller, we had 2000 people on our cruise. Of course, the European cruise probably had better food. My Mom went on a cruise in Europe and loved it. I really enjoyed the cruise, because I was able to spend time with my Mom who lives in Las Vegas.