Thursday, April 13, 2006

Top Chef!

The finale for Top Chef airs Wed, May 17th on Bravo at 6:00 PM Pacific time. It is going to be filmed in Las Vegas, instead of the usual San Francisco. Head Chef Tom Collichio and food writer/host Katie Lee Joel (married to Billy Joel) have done a great job of telling the chef that needs to go at the end of the week to go pack their knives and go. A little catch phrase. This week Andrea was voted off and told to pack her knives and go. I do like her, but I think that just cooking vegetables put her at a disadvantage and she did not seem to have the drive to win the competition. Tiffani is really there to compete and to take home the fantastic prizes of $100,000, food and wine magazine spread, and new viking kitchen. I think that Leann is also strong in the competition her cooking skills are right on and she is the Executive chef at the French Culinary Institute one of the best cooking schools. She has a combination of skill, heart, talent, intelligence, and artistic ability to win the competiton. Harold is also doing well in the competition and he definitely has skill, but I do not think he will win. Stephen is one of the most arogant and self absorbed person in the world.His plating is beautiful, but after eating the little amount of food he plates anyone would still be hungry. I like Dave a lot and out of everyone on the show I could see myself actually eating his food. He cries a lot, but seems to have a big heart. As a chef, crying is not something desired. I am really enjoying this show and I hope it comes back next season.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I like what you are doing on yours.


Grins said...

LeAnn is my favorite to win with Tiffani and Harold not far behind. Stephen on the other hand would be tossed out of the kitchen by most chefs I know. He seems to equate culinary mastery with pompous arrogance.

rpm said...

Hey Tami, thanks for coming by and visiting at my blog. I also love the show Top Chef. I want LeAnn to win. I can't stand Stephen. I'd like to take him down two notches. I can't believe it's already time for the end of the show. I hope they have another season for the show. I'll be back to visit your blog often.

Snookie said...

Stephen drives me nuts - those clothes - in the kitchen! He wouldn't last 10 minutes in a real restaurant kitchen.

Add me to those rooting for LeAnn.

(Found you through BlogExplosion.)