Friday, May 12, 2006

What are you cooking this weekend?

I am going to cook meatloaf for my brother Jonathan who is visiting and my Dad. I will make creamed corn and mashed potatoes to go with it. For Dessert my brother's favorite Peanut Butter Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting! We are celebrating his birthday early, because I will be on a cruise to Belize during his actual birthday. Wait until I post photographs of the food from the cruise I am sure it will be decadent. I hope there is an ice sculpture, but who knows this is my first cruise.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tami,

I have seen your blog before and I absolutely love it. You are definately going on my list of favorite blogs. I must say though, I am a vegitarian and I would love to see some vegitarian recipes.

All the best, Sheila

Anonymous said...


Silly Chimp!

Tami said...

Thanks Sheila! I will post some vegetarian recipes. I know a lot of them and I actually like cooking vegetables, because you can get really creative. The most important thing is not to overcook them. I am sure you know that, because not only does it taste bad, the nutrition is all depleted from the vegetable. I blanch my vegetables quickly in boiling water than I shock them in an ice water bath. This keeps the color vibrant and when you go to cook them you do not have to cook them that long. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and the compliments.

Ira said...

Check out Clarissa Falls Resort if you have time. Look it up. It is one of my favorite places

Ira said...

Well it time to treat your Mom to the best if you’re in San Diego try Extraordinary Desserts