Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top Chef Episode 9

They brought back the junk food for the quick fire challenge. Harold choose popcorn, Dave picked the nachos, Tiffani went with the corndogs and Leann went with the hotdogs. An hour to creatively make junk food into a culinary treat. Dave ran all over the kitchen and in his words, focused and crazy, it is entertaining to watch. I think he picked the easiest item to transform and make his own. Harold's ceviche popcorn looked elegant and did not even look like it contained popcorn. Tiffani's corndog looked like it would taste good, but I am partial to corndogs in general. I love food on a stick. I know you are thinking a chef likes food on a stick. Yes, we are just like everyone else. We eat at McDonald's when we want and than visit a five star restaurant without batting a culinary eyelash. Leann made a seafood hotdog it looked appealing, but I would not want to eat it. The least favorite was Dave, he was in too big of a hurry and Gayle Simmons from Food and Wine Magazine deemed it, a mess. Harold won the quick fire challenge and said he wanted to bring it and go to Las Vegas.
The Top Chef competitors gasp when they see the black truffles and very expensive wine. The black truffles cost, according To Chef Tom Collichio, a 1000 dollars a pound. At the market, the competitors gravitated towards the lamb. Big mistake! Dave decides not to do lamb and set himself apart. Tiffani starts cooking and she is bothered by a little noise from Leann and Dave grabbing a pot. I thought she had worked in a kitchen before? It's noisy its hot, if you cant stand it get out of the kitchen! Tiffani irritates me she is so cold and arrogant. For example, Tiffani said, Daves food is not very refined and no one finds him innovative. Well-slapped right in the face Tiffani guess who won the truffle and wine challenge Dave! Dave and Harold were safe and Tiffani and Leann sat at the judges table. Leanns cherry sauce I think was perfect to pair with the Lamb, wine and truffles. She used to many ingredients in her dishes and ended up detracting from the wine and truffles. Leann was my favorite to win the competition followed by Harold and than Dave. Unfortunately, Leann was told to pack her knives and go. Leann had pure intentions and Tiffani, obviously does not. What do you think?

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