Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top Chef Reunion Episode!

Loud Irish Ken was back and so was his idea that sticking his finger in the sauce was right. Stephen said what would you rather eat sand or shit? Of course, sand not shit. A cut above the rest arrogant Stephen apologizes to Candace for yelling at her about the cookie cutter incident. I think he has seen himself on television and acts a bit differently now. Harold said Stephen has an alter ego which is probably right. Dave is called emotional, really he just has a big heart. His passion is obvious and I like when he talks to himself it is so funny. Dave hates Tiffani and guess what his line I am not your bitch, bitch was made into a t-shirt available on the bravo top chef shop. I want one! Miguel called Tiffani a snake, Brian wanted to have sex with all the girls in the house, especially Candace. Stephen was called Top Sommelier! Tiffani cried and was quite upset when accussed of messing with oven temperatures and burners. What a bitch! That happened to me in culinary school, I hate people like that. Harold's shyness was discussed and several of the viewers wanted to know if he was single? He declined to answer. He finally said he was not single. I wonder if him and Stephen are together? Dave's famous line makeout about Stephen and Harold could it be true? I think there was quite a bit of drinking in the house. The truth about Tiffani's lies came out and the fact that she threw Miguel under the bus was proven on tape. Who do you think will win Top Chef? Dave, Tiffani or Harold?
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Chris said...

Did you catch Hell's Kitchen this week. What a complete melt down. I am going to love this season.

How odd is it that my two favorite reality shows are cooking shows like Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Next Food TV Star and The Ultimate Fighter?

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