Monday, October 17, 2005

Sometimes I feel like Dougie Howser MD and than I am reminded that is a character imaginary!

Tonite while listening to Neil Patrick Harris on the new show, How I met your Mother, talk about his blog I am reminded once again of him typing on the computer. I actually watched the show when it was on, so I am dating myself a bit, I was a little girl at the time. There are people who claim to have invented blogging or keeping online diaries. However, the internet was not available when Dougie Howser MD was typing in his daily life on his computer and reading it aloud for a tv audience. I wonder why it took so long for blogging to catch on and find it even harder to believe that some people still do not know what a blog is. I also find it mysterious the amount of bloggers that enter into the blogoshphere each day and write one post never to come back again. It requires work to write a blog and it is not really the thing for someone lazy or someone who lacks thought. There are people who go nowhere each day, acomplish very little, therefore leading to a terribly boring blog. Than there are those that write about fantastic experiences that leave you wondering if they are even true. My Blog is true, but sometimes I wonder what if I spice it up a little bit. No holding back just no holds barred. I still write with a knowledge of a reader and I think I need to free the inner writer within.

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