Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The road to a Master's Degree

The road to a Master's Degree is challenging. The application process, the looking for just the right school, and making sure everything will work out. I just graduated with my Bachelor's degree, but I feel I need to push to go onto Higher Education before I think about changing my mind. I know if I let time pass it will be something I will regret. I can do it I have faith in myself and faith in my family and most of all faith in god. I feel everyone is hear to do something. Something that will leave their stamp on the world or leave a mark through something they have created, achieved, inspired, taught or gave of themselves. I would love to one day teach what I have learned through my journey in life and give someone else the feeling that you have when you accomplish receiving your degree. Education is so important and I want to learn more and more each day. My fascination with learning came a little later. High school was not where I shined. I feel that when you want to learn something you shall embrace it, but when you don't it is better not to go to school. When someone is pushed by others they will not succeed. Education is a gift to yourself and it will strengthen your knowledge and build your ability to achieve greatness. I am searching for my gifts. I am grateful for those gifts I have and will accept gifts (things that I am good at) when God gives them to me. I do believe that everyone has natural talents and it is only a manner of cultivating the talents that you are good at. Focus is the key. Stay focused on a path, not the path to the least resistance, but the path of greatness.

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