Friday, October 21, 2005

Movie Fest

I have seen quite a few movies recently. Today I went to see North Country with Charlize Theron, Sissy Spacek, Frances McDormand. It is a movie about sexual discrimination class action lawsuit. It was a good movie and Woody Harrelson had a part and his role and acting in the movie was outstanding. Charlize Theron's performance in the movie was excellent not quite Oscar worthy, but damn close.

I went to see the movie, Proof, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Hope Davis and Jake Gyllenhal. All I have to say is the movie had a strange, peculiar, abrubt ending. They left open for a sequel, unfortunately that is very unlikely.

Last week, I went to see, Waiting, a movie about waiting tables. The only way you could possibly enjoy this film would be to have been high. The worst part was an extended crotch scene of an unkept bush. The movie had no plot and the legendary Dane Cook who plays the cook in the movie did not have even one funny line. So, we watched 3/4 of the movie, I found it quite offensive and felt ripped off. So, I asked for my money back. I than received a couple expired coupons that I was told would be good for next time.

My saving grace this fall has been the movie, Elizabethtown, starring Orlando Bloom & Kirsten Dunst. I really like this movie even though it had a running time of 2 hours 20 minutes. Sometimes I feel that is too long, but hey $9, you get your cheddar's worth. Kirsten played a Chatty Kathy type character and Orlando's Character often seemed uninterested, but for some reason the movie works. I really enjoyed the scenery and the views along the drive home, another pluse the ending didn't suck.


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jenn said...

Thanks for the reviews. I was wondering about Elizabethtown.