Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trader Vic's

According to Saveur Magazine, Trader Vic's is a whole new world-fragrant, romantic, an adventure. The legendary Trader Vic's is a Polynesian restaurant and bar that specializes in serving island cuisine and exotic cocktails. The food is a compination of Pacific Island, IndoChinese, Japanese and Creole flavors. The service is first rate and the food and drink is exotic and mouthwatering. We started of with Pina Colada's Non-Alcoholic, the Succulent Scallop Salad, the Crab Ragoon Wontons and the Ham and Cheese Fried Crepes. For the main course the Crispy Duck which we wrapped up into dumplings and the Petrale Sole.
Pina Colada
Scallop Salad
Ham & Cheese Fried Crepes
Crab Rangoon Wontons
Duck for dumpling wraps!
Petrale Soul

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Mal said...


I have seen your blog a few times and I can't understand why it is not getting more hits than it is. The articles are good and the photos are excellent.

Although, I can tell you have been messing with your template, haven't you? Getting it right is a pain in the butt!

Good luck - I will be back