Thursday, June 08, 2006

Keg Steakhouse

French Onion Soup
Peppercorn Steak
Baked Shrimp Appetizer
My Dad and I always enjoy going to the Keg Steakhouse. The food is consistently good. I just have the Baked Shrimp Appetizer, because it is my favorite item they have on the menu. Baked with garlic, cheddar and mozzarella cheese with shrimp it is to die for. My Dad loves their peppercorn steak and french onion soup. I recommend it if there is one near you.


wheresmymind said...

That looks incredible!! Heart attack on a plate good!!

Ben said...

Oh, I didn't know that you have The Keg in Seattle. I know that The Keg is a Vancouver, BC based restaurant. You are right, they are awesome. In my old company, the CEO always dishes out $150 The Keg's vouchers as a reward -- yummy!

peterlavina said...

Looks and sounds real yummy!