Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Next Food Network Star?

Today the food network audience is able to start voting for who will win The Next Food Network Star? The four finalists that are left are the charismatic fast talking Guy, the bald culinarian Nathan, Reggie the sweet baker who tries hard, but does not quite nail it, or Carissa the French food enthusiast who has improved drastically in recent weeks. The show is on Sunday nights at 9PM/8C on th e food network. The Finale airs on April 23rd at 9PM. I do not like this show as well as I like Top Chef, but it is worth watching if you are interested in what it takes to prepare food on television. From what I have seen it is a juggling act. You have to be multi-talented and be a complete package of know how, cooking skills and on-air television personality all wrapped up in one package. In my opinion, just because someone is voted off a reality show it does not make them nothing. The people who are voted off had a lot of courage to go on the show in the first place. The way reality shows are it would be difficult to be able to relax and not be nervous, so even if you are truly talented the short time they are there the judges might not be able to see that. Who is your pick for The Next Food Network Star?


Vineela said...

hey Tami,
Nice to see ur blog.
i do see the pgm of future star .Its very interesting.

Tami said...

Thanks Vineela! It is a fun show. I can watch just about anything with cooking in it. On the Next Food Network Start we are down to Reggie and Guy as the two last finalists. They are working on their cooking shows, but who is going to be the the next food network star? Who do you think Reggie or Guy?

TLC said...

Who is my pick? That's tough. I like both Nathan and Guy. Guy can be a bit frenetic, but I still really like him. I think I would watch a show with him on it...but he would need to calm down a bit.

I agree, I like Top Chef better. Who do you pick for Top Chef? I want Melissa gone. She is obnoxious. (and maybe she is gone, I haven't watched in a couple of weeks) Steven is awful, his ego goes on for days. BUT he is entertaining, so he can stay for a bit longer.

TLC said...

whoops! Sorry. I didn't mean Melissa, I meant Tiffani. I like the guy who reminds me of Guy on Food Network, I think his name is Dave? He's great. Anyway, just wanted to fix that oops.
(and see you have another comment now! Doesn't that feel good?)

Tami said...

Dave has a big heart. I think he is a good cook too. He makes his own tortillas for his enchiladas that looked so tasty. His heart is really in it. Stephen dresses like he works at a fancy department store in the tie department. He wears a suit and tie when he tries to give away street food in the mission district. His food is odd looks like an experiment. He is copying some of the French chefs, but his food looks tasteless. An odd science experiment. I want Leann to win too. She can cook, she seems grounded and I think has what it takes to be Top Chef. The great thing about Top Chef is the Food and Wine Magazine spread and the money to launch your chef career. On the Next Food Network star there is only 6 shows as an incentive.