Friday, February 03, 2006

Le Cordon Bleu University of Adelaide Masters of Gastronomy

Last year I attended Boston University's Master's of Gastronomy program, but I was disappointed. This month I start at Le Cordon Bleu University of Adelaide Master's of Gastronomy program. The first semester is a class called the Principles of Gastronomy. I have quite a few books to read and I am looking forward to learning more about gastronomy.


Nuff Nuff said...

Hi Tami,

nice blog...hope all is going well at cooking school.

So what are your intentions after college??

There is a Le Cordon Bleu School here in Australia(Adelaide) too

Anyway cook up a storm while you're there!

Anonymous said...

Finally the best cooking blog is back! Thanks Tam for your great posts!

ForgingTorrie said...

I've been thinking about continuing a culinary education sometime after I graduate from my school, but I have yet to find a Cordon Bleu school that offers anything higher than an Assosciates program.