Thursday, September 22, 2005

Master's Degree in Gastronomy!

I am going to start work on my graduate degree soon. I have chose to get my master's degree in gastronomy from Boston University. I live in Seattle and Boston feels very far from here. I have never been to Boston. I would like to go soon and check it out. I am starting with online classes, for instance, a class called The Cuisine and Culture of France. The class has four books for me to read, mostly about cheese and champagne. I think there will be alot more available, by that I mean information about France in the online format. I have taken online classes, but not yet at the 600 or 700 level, so this should be fun. I love learning and need it to stimulate me. I am bored in a day if I don't learn something. It can be anything, but I like to learn at least one thing a day, otherwise the day seems kind of a waste. I spend alot of time reading, sure the magazines, but also books and cookbooks. Now my passion is reading about gastronomy, the study of food. This obsession for food comes from within, mind you I do not stuff my face with food every chance I get it is not like that. I just like to talk about food, go to restaurants, enjoy a good meal, think about food I want to prepare, and of course dream about making food and than don't do it. Right now there is no one to cook for just me. I need to be worth cooking for, but I hate to do dishes. I have done a lifetime of dishes, afterall I have been to Culinary school, Baking and Pastry school, and own a house where I frequently along with my dogs create dirty dishes. I will take classes in food history, nutrition and diet, food science, and the cuisine and culture of different countries along with the study of cheese and wine. I am really excited to learn about this, in addition, I will learn about food photography and food writing. That essentially would be enough for me to do it, but I can also have the ability to teach in the future, which I feel is important to know to do something truly well enough to teach it, would require pure absorption in the subject matter and I am willing to do that.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I have my first visit to one of you in a week. I worry but it's due time. That's good news, my friend.


dipoles resources said...

I just closed on my new florida time share and couldnt be happier. While looking for some ideas this morning I ran across this post. I totally agree with you and think you did the right thing!

Thanks : )

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