Friday, February 18, 2005

Watched King of Queens Season II Tonight!

Tonight I watched King of Queens Season II that my brother Bill gave me for Christmas. I love KIng of Queens. I think it is funny and I like the relationship between Carrie and Doug on the show. The older shows are classics to me and I love watching them right before I go to sleep. I used to like to watch 48 hours Mystery on the weekends before bed and I ended up thinking too much or I felt bad for the victim of a crime and could not sleep. I try now to watch something peaceful or funny before bed. I like Leah Remini and Kevin James they are a quirky couple on the show and they have such funny arguments about nothing. Like the time Carrie said she did not want capers on her pasta and she got capers on her food and freaked because the waiter said she did not say no capers. Later, she thought they were talking about her, because they rolled their eyes, so she came home and had to fixe a lean cuisine. That is a good episode from Season II. You should check it out or watch the reruns.

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