Thursday, February 24, 2005

Talked to Jonathan Tonight and tried out my new webcam!

Tonight I tried out my new webcam and I could see myself on my webcam, but not my brother on his webcam. I guess our platforms or clients are not the same. That is what happens when you have a mac and most everyone has a PC. That is changing with the success of the iPod more people are starting to use the Apple Computers too. I love my three Apple computers. Anyway the instant messanger part works. If you leave it on than you can get messages whenever and that's neat.
I watched King of Queens tonight, it was a new episode, not a classic. Carrie the wife, Leah Remini, has gained weight since she had her baby a year ago and can not take it off. Doug the husband, Kevin James, mentioned it to her in last weeks episode big mistake. Never bring up a woman's weight that is the kiss of death. You can not win after that. Leave it alone. If you mention it she will only gain more just for spite. Tonights episode revolved around Doug going back in time to his high school football days and Carrie smoking in the bathroom with a couple of cheerleaders, one of which is dating a loser, but wants to kiss up to him. Well lets just say Carrie took care of that. She told him to dump him. Funny. I picked up my dad from the airport tonight, he flew in from Hawaii. I will post more about what we do when he is here for the week in Seattle. Take Care everyone.

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