Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Committed was on tonight!

My favorite show committed was on tonight and it was a funny episode. Marni tells her friend the nanny from across the hall that the shampoo guy gives her an O when she has her hari washed, so the nanny goes and it does not happen for her. Marni decides to shampoo her and lets just say it happens and than the after it happens akwardness occurs, it was too funny. Just then Nate gets back from somewhere and want to come clean about something he has done and she's like whatever it is I do not care things happen. This episode also had the clown perfecting a piece of fruit a peach until it was perfect to eat, than Nate takes a bite out of it at it's peak of perfection and he called him a bastard. The episode surrounds the death of this statue guy that apparently dies and well gets his wish not to move again, and the gang goes to his funeral, Nate's best friend goes just to wear his new suit. While they are there Nate a Jewish man does not know how to behave at a Catholic funeral and accidently takes communion and puts a cracker in his mouth. He takes it out and later wants to give it back. Another weird scene takes place over a sensor toliet where Nate and his best friend have dropped the communion cracker in the toliet and do not want it to flush. However, it does since his friend had to itch his nose, but the funny thing was it came back up and they thought it was a miracle, until they read nabisco on it. They realized that they did not have the right one and rushed out and luckily the priest had eaten the whole plate of cheese and crackers accept for one, the one according to Murphy's Law that probably was the communion cracker. The priest tells Nate to eat the last one, and he is shocked, and the priest comes back and says one more won't hurt. This after the sensor toliet incident, by the way there was a man in the bathroom at the same time and let's just say he thought more was going on than actually was, I guess it is anyones game when you listen in on private bathroom conversations.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't even read all that stuff about committed too damn long! You must really love that show! LOL!