Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hot Lava Chocolate Cake

Hot Lava Chocolate Cake
Originally uploaded by taminsea1.

with Ice Cream and candle. My brother Jonathan and my Mom and I went to Morton's Steakhouse to celebrate my birthday in Seattle, WA.


Camilla said...


I've looked at several of your photos
and I must say they are amazing!

I also loved the way you decorate your cupcakes. We do nothing like that in Sweden.

I'm running an e-shop that sells cake equipment within Sweden, Norway and Finland. Now when I saw your cupcakes I thought I would introduce the American way to decorate. Have you got any hints and tips for me?!

Take care and keep up the good work!

Karlos said...

Okay. Now I'm hungry!

Great blog and photos. I am also very, very passionate about food - cooking and eating.

Food Courts said...

The idea of made chocolate just sound so delicious, I'll try the chocolate trick next time.

Sure said...

yes, and I am hungry too!
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