Monday, August 08, 2005

Word of the Day for Monday August 8, 2005

somniferous \som-NIF-uhr-uhs\, adjective:
Causing or inducing sleep.

He has gone outside the usual channels of stodgy academic
journals and somniferous lectures.
--David Gibson, "Separating Christ from Christianity,"
[1]The Record (Bergen County, NJ), June 9, 1996

And some cities are [2]eschewing the somniferous art museum
to invent newer, hipper institutions that honor our
fascination with contemporary culture: technology, space
flight, and even rock 'n' roll.
--Heidi Landecker, "Art Transplant," [3]Architecture, March

Filmed on location in England and using quotes from letters
and other documents of Pilgrim leaders, this video is rich
in detail and information. Its major drawback--and one that
may affect its effectiveness with its intended student
audience--is that it's as dull as dillweed, primarily due
to a somniferous narration.
--J. Carlson, "The Mayflower Pilgrims," [4]Video Librarian,
November 11, 1996

Somniferous comes from Latin somnifer, "sleep-bringing," from
somnus, "sleep" + ferre, "to bring."

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