Monday, July 25, 2005

Car Accident

I was driving with my brother Jonathan in the front passenger seat and my father Milton in the rear passenger seat in Sumner, Washington when a drunk driver hit my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was flung forward and back and had an immediate headache and severe neckache. My neck was burning from the pain and I guess the inflammation. The other driver said I was driving too slow, because I was going the speed limit. He was driving at least twenty miles over the speed limit. He told my Father it was my fault, than my father asked him how much he had to drink. I was in the right lane on a two-way highway and he started to tailgate, so I moved to the left lane and he followed behind me than slammed into the back of the jeep. I was in shock I did not think someone would hit me, I was driving along fine minding my own business and he claimed he could not stop in time. The emergency room Doc said there was no way someone could hit us like that unless they were drunk or driving without paying any attention to the road. The fact that my vehicle was an SUV saved my brother and dad from injury. I was injured and went to the emergency room with severe whiplash, but it could have been worse. I am so grateful that my brother and dad were not hurt. I went to the Doctor this morning and she gave me medications and has me on bed rest, thank god for my laptop. I am starting physical therapy in a week. Thanks to my family for praying for my healing. The ironic part is I did not even want to go to dinner last night as I wanted to stay home with my Pug who has been sick. It has been a shity week with the water heater bursting, the Pug being sick and the car accident, but I think my luck is going to change.
Thanks for any comments.


Emily said...

I just found your blog and started reading...hope you are doing better from this. How horrible! People who drive drunk should get the worse punishment...they choose to drink. Awful!

Hope you are better and your dog too! : )

Tami said...

Thanks for your comments Emily. I am doing better and I am in physical therapy for my neck. My beautiful Pug Cocoa is doing better too and is having acupuncture treatments. She is a miracle pet and I love her so dearly. Thanks so much for reading my blog and making comments.