Friday, June 24, 2005

I am!

I am corndogs. I am pizza. I am chocolate. I am iTunes, I am television, I am a dog mother, I am a cook and a baker and could be a candlestick maker, I am brave, I am books, I am rain, I am wind, I am purses and shoes, I am soft drinks, I am a gourmet, I am a simple eater, I am discriminating, I am the writer of blogs, I am Tivo, I am an Apple lover both the computers and the fruit, I am candles and perfume, I am photos and a photographer, I am music, I am an iPod lover, I am a dog lover, I am kind and generous, I am funny, I am movies on a Friday.

Chef Tami


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a chef site,
This girl is a poet, like biggie
or something!

Tami said...

Biggie the Rapper that was shot.