Friday, April 01, 2005

Jetlag! It's Friday and I am back from Maui!

Hey Everyone! I just got back from Maui. Funny thing was the beach was wonderful, the food was fabulous, but the people there were rude. Anyway I did not let it get to me and continued to have a good time with my brother and my Dad. It is one of the monumental trips that you will always remember. We had a condo on the beach on Maui and we dined at Mama's Fish House, Alexanders Fish Joint, Roys Restaurant, Wailea Golf Club, Saimen Noodle House among other places. I arrived home to Seattle and it was cold and rainy. It is going to be cold and wet all week. When I left Maui it was hot and sunny. The island was just beautiful and I enjoyed being away from the construction project outside of my house, but missed my dogs.

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