Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My new favorite TV show is Committed on NBC Tuesdays at 9:30 PM

Committed is a humorous new show about a relationship with some mental health issues, like obsessive compulsive disorder. Marni played by Jennifer Finnigan who used to be on "The Bold and Beautiful" and "Crossing Jordan" plays the female lead love interest of Nate Played by Josh Cooke "Century City". This is a strange courtship of two opposites who attract despite their differences. Marni is upbeat, a free spirt, fearless, tolerant and optimistic she is drawn to Nate a brilliant, neurotic, obsessive compulsive who works at a record store to stay normal and prevent himself from falling into his family's neurotic path. Their relationship is yin and yang and takes place in the craziness of New York City. The nanny Tess played by Tammy Lynn Michaels who looks after the kids next store is edgy and sarcastic and she offers Marni advice. Nate's friend and co-worker at the record store Bowie played by Darius McCrary from "Family Matters" offers Nate advice and tries to calm his obsessive compulsive ways, like how Nate has to write everything down on legal pad notebooks before he can say something important. On one episode his apartment is so packed with legal pads, sticky notes, stacks of books, and covered with his obsessive compulsions that he had to turn out the lights before inviting Marni inside. Deep down Marni likes that Nate is so different, but he does not want to her to see that side of him. Hysterically, she breaks into his apartment to see what it look like with the lights on with her friend Tess, they leave and the next time she comes back the place is perfect. He hid everthing in his bedroom. Marni can't really say anything as she has a clown living in her closet. Each character is unique and they all seem to fit together like a puzzle, this couple's connection is quirky and irresistible to not want to watch. I love this new show and if you give it a try you might like it too. Let me know what you think by posting a comment.

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